Stop #1: Tirso de Molina: Linea Uno

Last night, after our 2nd Spanish lesson, Dan and I were in search of a birthday present.  Could there be a more perfect event to start off our Madrid Metro Challenge?  The name was drawn from the jar and we ended up at Tirso de Molina on Line 1.


One of the things I love most about Europe is how architecture and neighborhoods change just by turning a corner.  When I emerge from the metro, I have no idea what will be waiting for me.  Admittedly, sometimes its not so good, but most of the time, its glorious.  Last night was one of those marvelously surprising moments.  The metro dropped us off at a center full of flower vendors.  Bouquet flowers, flowers for outdoor potting, every different size and variety of cacti, and trees, were pouring into the square.  It was so beautiful and so charming.

As it turned out, Tirso de Molina isn’t very far from the widely popular Plaza Mayor.  We have been here several times, but like the food around the plaza and the bustle.  We ate mushrooms for dinner, acquired some great presents for my favorite humans back home, and walked until our feet hurt (which is easy to do here).

Stop #1 in the books.  180 stops remaining.



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