Madrid Metro Challenge

Dan and I love being home together. We both crave comfort and our home gives that to us. As a bonus, its also where we get to be with our pups, no strings attached 😊

Anyway… as motivation to see all that our lovely Madrid has to offer, we came up with a challenge for each other. We call it the Madrid Metro Challenge. The metro here has over 185 stations, the 3rd largest in the world. Each station is a part of Madrid that we haven’t seen before. So… we are going to visit 185 metro station neighborhoods by July 1st, 2020. It’s a lofty goal and one that will require us to get off our bums and explore.

We start here today with 181 to complete. Dan’s two work stops, and our two home stops have been eliminated for obvious reasons. We promise to take pictures, eat good (or at least interesting) food and see the sights.

Our rules are simple:
1. One stop per outing. Even if we come home on a different train, we only count one stop.
2. An activity must occur.
3. Pictures must be taken.
4. Fun must be had.
5. Even though we have explored certain parts of the city prior to moving here, we start from scratch. The only exceptions are above.
6. Most trips will be random, but we will happily pull the stop out of the jar if we plan an activity.

Let’s say hello to Madrid.