The Hygge Motherload: Denmark

Those that know me know that I am a complete hygge nut. During the fall and winter months, you will find our apartment full of candle light, hot tea and fluffy blankets. Hygge calms my almost-always-on-the-go mind and relaxes our day into night. Squirms even seems to understand the queue it’s time to wind down the day when the candles are lit.

(If you are unfamiliar with hygge, do yourself a favor and order this book.)*

Denmark is the birthplace of hygge, so when the hubster had a conference in Copenhagen, Squirms and I insisted we join.

I have thought a lot about what I want you to know about our trip to Denmark and I keep coming back to one thing… it’s the feeling that Denmark gave me that stands out. It is an uncomplicated country.  While modern in every aspect of the word, and perhaps advanced in comparison, Denmark has slowed down.  Everywhere you turn, people are enjoying nature, simple pleasures, and each other.  Picnics, kite flying, hand holding, book reading and lounging in the sun, the Danish dig the uncomplicated things in life.  Rarely do you see a cell phone in someone’s hands.  Possibly the reason they are voted “Happiest Country in the World”.

We spent three days in Denmark’s countryside before heading to Copenhagen. To honor this country, we did as the Danish do. We sat on grass, had picnics, explored forests, and walked through nature preserves.  We ate more fruit and veggies than normal.  Our meals were fresh.  The result:  We feel better and more connected.

We walked up a 120 meter Forest Tower to see over the trees, went to a castle with stunning grounds,  stayed the night at another castle, and searched for Giants (we found three!) ♥️


Here is the cool thing about Denmark’s laid back culture… hygge can be implemented anywhere.  Light a candle or bake a cake, turn off all electronics for the night or weekend.  Set the intention to slow down and enjoy what follows.

More on Copenhagen later…

Love ya,


* I am in no way affiliated with this book.  I just love it and think you will too!