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Stop #13: Santiago Bernabeu: Linea 10


The number one thing most people associate with Madrid is the futbol team, Real Madrid. They are a top-ranking soccer team that, up until this season, had the most popular player in the sport, Cristiano Ronaldo, on the roster.

The stadium they play in is HUGE and modern and shares its name with the metro stop, Santiago Bernabeu.  It’s only natural then, that for this metro challenge, we visited Bernabeu stadium and watched a Real Madrid game.

There is nothing like a futbol game in Madrid.  This is our second one and the enthusiasm is electric.  The chanting is loud and contagious and the game is entertaining to watch too 🙂


The stadium is settled in a cute neighborhood with a lot of restaurants, beauty salons and shops. It is a busy neighborhood that has a certain American feel to it.  Maybe it’s because of the Tony Roma’s across the street or because English can be heard in the crowd.  Either way, there is something comforting about the area.

We ate dinner at a Japanese fusion restaurant, Yakitoro, which came recommended by a friend. We were told that the food was delicious, but odd. Food is served family style, so my adventurous husband and I were going to have to agree on what to order 🙂

We started the dinner with a tomato salad with ginger. I don’t typically like ginger, but this was unbelievable. Very mild and clean. We followed it with sea bass ceviche (my favorite), Japanese fish tartar with spinach tempura and asparagus ice cream. Yep, you read that correctly. Asparagus ice cream. 😳. Our dessert? Spicy citrus cotton candy, which was amazing.

The best part of the evening though? Yakitoro itself. The wait staff were as good as they could get. They loved Squirms and talked to her regularly.  They even called her by name! The restaurant was clean and the other patrons were chatty. It was a wonderful meal and atmosphere.

The only negative? The menu is extensive and we had to make sacrifices on what to sample 🙂

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