Parque de Berlin

We took our new little human on a walk today to one of Madrid’s hundred parks.  Parque de Berlin. A beautiful landscaped park with sweeping pathways, fountains, foliage, and a memorial to one of humanity’s most despicable periods.  There are three sections of The Berlin Wall here.

This wall represented hate, discrimination, divisiveness and an overall vitriol of the “others” and a portion now sits in a fountain in Madrid as symbol of warning. A warning that seems to say  “Dear humans…don’t make this mistake again.”

Back home, we continue to fight about another wall. A wall that represents much of the same. “Our” wall will cost Americans a starting price of 5.6 billion dollars. Five BILLION dollars that could go towards new infrastructure, better schools, affordable healthcare, or possibly…and this is just a suggestion…diversity education. More than the time and money though, this wall will also cost America global respect.  The rest of the world knows that walls don’t work and inevitably, someday, ours, too, will be auctioned off in sections and displayed to show how much America lost its way in 2019.

Man, I hope sanity continues to prevail in these budget talks.

I personally believe that the world is too beautiful and interesting to block anyone’s view… especially our own.







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