New Year’s Eve 2018

There are no words that can describe our 2018.  It was a life-changing year that truly made us believe that we can do anything.

As we settle into our New Year’s Eve here in Madrid, we can’t help but reflect on the enormous panic we both felt just 365 days ago.  We were just a few hours away from packing three dogs into a rented SUV and driving them across the country, taking a week long voyage and then driving across Europe.  We were just a few hours away from saying hard goodbyes, which we had been dreading for months.  We were just a few hours away from leaving the familiar and embracing all of the unknowns.

We stumbled some this year.  We learned some hard lessons.  We cried.  We missed our loved ones and things that give us comfort.  We didn’t have a perfect year.


We also proved to ourselves that we are capable of just about anything.  That the world will embrace you when you need it to be kind.  That dusting yourself off is part of life and most importantly, that nothing and I mean nothing, is permanent.

As we ring in 2019 tonight, we breathe gratitude.

Trying to pick highlights from the year is next to impossible, but high on the list are…

  • Taking my niece to Paris
  • Watching whales in Tenerife
  • Eating pasta in Venice
  • Slowing down at Lake Bled, Slovenia
  • Showing my family European life
  • Settling into our new home
  • And last, but certainly not least, carrying this active little girl for the last 37 weeks.

Please enjoy the pictures of our extensive travels.  We have no plans to slow down in 2019, even with our new addition.   This world is full of beauty and we intend to show it all to our Baby Girl.

There is so much we are looking forward to in 2019.

We love you!  Happy New Year!

Dan and Nan

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2018

  1. Nancy—you are a talented writer. We appreciate you and Dan sharing your adventures with us physically and on line. We relive our trips by reading about them through your blog. Love you both and our long awaited grand-daughter. Mom

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