Stop #12: Chueca: Linea 5

Man, I have A LOT to catch you up on…  I promise that I haven’t forgotten about you! This summer has been UNBELIEVABLE and its not over yet.  😊

So I don’t overwhelm you, Dan and I did a metro stop last week that I can’t wait to share.  We traveled to Chueca, an alternative area of Madrid and finally found a great pizza.  Pizza is a love of mine and Madrid, well, doesn’t have good pizza at all.  In fact, our real estate agent bragged that the best pizza in town was Dominoes.  :/  Not exactly exotic.

My appreciation of Instagram continues for leading us to Roostiq, recently named best pizza in Madrid.  Wanting to get out of the house for an evening, I coaxed the hubster into pizza for dinner and a Flamenco show for dessert.  Neither disappointed. The pizza was cooked in a wood burning oven.  The ingredients were from a local farm.  Dan had pork cracklings for an appetizer and they were amazing.  And for dessert, apple pie that tasted like home.  This may be my favorite date night so far in Madrid.

The Flamenco show was in a brick-walled cellar.  The stage was just big enough for five chairs and two dancers.  It was authentic Spanish flamenco.  Beautiful and loud.  I didn’t know that much about Flamenco before this evening and I exited the show with a desire to know more.  Expect more Flamenco shows in the future 🙂

June and July updates to follow…