Stop #11: Tribunal: Linea 1 and 10


Make no mistake, life here in Madrid has sped up a bit.  We have slowly started to get into a groove and that equals appointments and commitments.  And while my life more resembles that of a European retreat most days, our time and attention are getting pulled in different directions like they used to back in the US.

So, after a Spanish lesson this week, we saw an opening for a little exploring and seized the day.  Metro stop: Tribunal.

I have gotten into the habit of looking at my Google maps as soon as we emerge from the metro to orientate myself within the city.  Sometimes, still, I have it completely wrong.  Where I think we are north, we are actually south and vice versa.  As it turns out, we have never been in the Tribunal metro area before.  Funny, honest confession:  We had made plans to go to Mercado San Anton (near Tribunal) for bagels one Saturday morning in early February.  But I chickened out.  It was one of those weekends where I wanted to hide my head in the sand and only hear English.  It was a weekend where I wanted to order familiar food, be in a kind environment and for things to not be so complicated.  We had more than one of these weekends.

So, how surprised were we that we had actually stumbled upon Mercado San Anton on a random weekday in May.  We marveled at the many different types of rice being sold, ordered two filets (in Spanish) from a butcher, ate a simple, yet unbelievably good, tapa with artichoke hearts, serrano ham, three eggs and cheese with the best crusty baguette you can imagine.  We then topped it off with gelato.  And this time, there was no intimidation.  It was just a lovely evening with good food.  My, how far we have come in such a short period of time. 🙂

And as always, we marveled at street art, amazing architecture and look at what else we found?  Two more checked off my list…

One thought on “Stop #11: Tribunal: Linea 1 and 10

  1. This was our first exploration of the groovy and slightly stinky Chueca neighbourhood, but it is definitely not our last. Look for more Chueca craziness in future metro stop challenges! And if you are ever looking for a place to pee at 3am, I feel like Chueca is your jam!

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