Stop #10: Serrano: Linea 4


One of the most difficult things about being an expat is that sometimes we aren’t privy on the happenings around town.  We don’t tune into the news and our social circle is still very limited (although growing).  So, we rely on the internet to tell us what is going on and most of the time, we are late to the party.

Today is a national holiday in Spain,  The Feast of the Saint Isidore. And while I don’t know that much about the holiday itself, I do know quite a bit about the festival, Gigantes y Cabezudos, or the Festival of Giants and Big Heads.  I read about our local festival the day after it occurred and it bummed me out.  How could we miss a parade of gigantic paper mache heads bobbing through the streets?  I swore to never miss it again.  I already have the festival in my 2019 planner.

The good news is that because of missing this, I scoured the internet for more upcoming events and have found a website that I can use as a tour guide.  Which leads me to Sunday…

One of the most popular paintings in the Prado Museum is by Velasquez and its called “Las Meninas” or “Ladies in Waiting”.  When we went to the Prado, it was one the paintings that had a large crowd around it.  The little girl in the painting has a crinoline under her dress that makes her look very grown up, i.e. a little lady in waiting…(My very elementary critique).  So, just like Toronto had a painted moose exhibit or when Chicago displayed cows everywhere, Madrid has created 80 statues of “The Lady in Waiting”.  Dan and I went and found some…

The statues are scattered around Madrid until the middle of July.  Just in case you want to see them all before I post them on here…  Las Meninas.  I vow to find them all before they leave.  A majority of these were found near the Plaza de Colon.  We also found the Archaeological Museum, the National Library, an enormous Spanish flag and an outdoor patio to have lunch.  It was a perfect day.

(Also please find pictures of our dogs patiently waiting for the pool to be summer-ready and our olive tree that has about 5000 baby olive buds on it)  🙂

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