Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. -Roger Caras

I bet you are wondering how the pups are adjusting to Spain.

Just like their humans, Murray, Ruby and Jezza are getting used to their new home and city.   Their adaptation appears to be ongoing… somedays are better than others.  All three are very loud in Europe! And there are so many new things to bark at…

For example, Spanish dogs walk around without leashes.  This bothers Ruby.  How could their owners do this to them?  She is extremely concerned that these dogs are going to be hit by cars or stolen or get lost.  She is very vocal in lending her support to these obedient, albeit mistreated, canines.  😊  Jezza is the biggest dog on the block (and by block, I mean the entire continent).  He demonstrates his size often and these poor Spanish dogs just don’t know what to do when they hear his deep boom of a bark. 

Since we no longer have a backyard and grass seems to be reserved for parks here, Jezza has taken to doing #2 in the middle of the street…with oncoming traffic…  In fact, his favorite location is the cross street two blocks away from our apartment that has blind corners and traffic that travels at 50kph.  It’s a delight for us to have to drag him to safety in the middle of his business. 

Murray doesn’t seem to notice that anything is different.  As long as his meals continue to be on time and his blanket is available, he’s fine. 

They do seem closer as a pack.  We notice them cuddling a lot more than they used to.  Man, is it sweet.  Two months in and our verdict so far is that they emotionally and physically made it through the journey, but their personalities are still catching up with the change.  Just like their humans!

Were we crazy to move our three dogs to Europe?  Maybe a little, but it was worth it 😊

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