A cautionary tale…

I’m going to be honest with you guys. Sometimes, being an expat is weird on a marriage. I am ALWAYS with Dan. We depend on each other in ways we never dreamed. For example, when one of us has a bad Spanish day, the other has to step it up and have a good Spanish day. We always finished each other’s sentences before, but now I need to know the Spanish word he is struggling to find and vice versa. And I have officially taken the title of co-pilot. But then there is the support that we didn’t anticipate…

I needed a haircut. My hair is long, but getting tired and needed a trim. However, I just couldn’t get the nerve to go into a beauty parlor and attempt to speak Spanish for the duration of a salon visit. So… I asked the hubster to trim my hair…. this is what happened next.

Doesn’t look like a trim, does it? 🙂

(It actually looks fantastic and is straighter than a professional. The length is just a bit shorter than what was requested). What a life 🙂

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