The fun never ends here

You know, adventure doesn’t have to happen by the light of day. Tonight, after we took our pups for their final potty break for the evening, we noticed that our door key had fallen off of Dan’s key ring. (Our door is self locking)

There have been few times in my ridiculously fortunate life where I have been more confused on how to proceed. I took the dogs away from the apartment to let Dan think. What do you do when you have three dogs, are in your pajamas, no phone, no money, no way to communicate at 1am? I still don’t have an answer. Luckily, I didn’t have to… by the time I got back, Dan had phoned a lock smith (his phone was in his pocket). By 125am, we were back inside.

Lesson learned, universe, Lesson learned.

Cost of tonight’s potty break? 300 euros. (Price gauging is universal). :/

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