Stop #5: Alonso Martinez: Linea 4, 5 and 10

IMG_7328I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Most of the time, I appreciate it for what it is… a way to keep in contact with friends and a source for recipes, events and news articles that I would otherwise miss. Last Sunday, while scrolling through Instagram, I found the address of a bakery here in Madrid. The treats looked exotic, but there was one in particular that I thought my husband would love for Valentine’s Day. Those delicacies led us to Alonso Martinez…


Yes… you are seeing that correct. Macaroons flavored with Bombay gin. They are just as unique and delicious as they sound.


We also got a raspberry mousse and a carrot cake. I wasn’t a fan of the carrot cake, but could have devoured fifty of the raspberry mousse without a break. They were that good.


The evening took us on a long walk through the Alonso Martinez area, which was a cool, hipster area with a mix of funk and grunge. Incredible street art, beautiful gardens, a pop-up bookstore and a road that led us to a movie theatre that had American films. We spent two and a half hours in a bubble with popcorn and Tom Hanks. Alonso Martinez did not disappoint. And we would say that it is our favorite stop to date, but that may not be the case anymore 😊

2 thoughts on “Stop #5: Alonso Martinez: Linea 4, 5 and 10

  1. Don’t forget the cool coffee place! 🙂

    As awesome as the desserts were, I love how friendly the people at Mama Framboise are!


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