Stop #2: Ventura Rodriguez: Linea 3


One of the cool things about the metro, is how it is like a cocoon. You walk into the metro in one place, and then are totally isolated from the outside world until you emerge somewhere else. Did it rain? Maybe. Snow? Possibly. Flying pigs? Have to read tomorrow’s paper. So emerging from the Metro always brings with it a surprise, sometimes small and sometimes…

20180202_183221_resizedVentura Rodrigues is on the 3 line, and is not really remarkable on its own. Its close to a lot of things… Plaza Espana, the Royal Palace, the massive department store El Corte Ingles.

Our dinner destination for the evening was a stylish tapas restaurant bar called La Sifoneria.


We decided that we had been in Spain for three weeks and had not yet “Hace Vermut”, the Spanish phrase for “Doing Vermouth”, and tonight was the night. If you are not familiar with sweet vermouth, this is not the stuff James Bond adds a very small amount to his Martini’s. Sweet Vermouth is a sweet herbal cocktail and very much an acquired taste. Its in the wine family, but tastes nothing like wine. We Clark’s have argued about whether or not is tastes like uncarbonated Coke… and the argument continues.


La Sifoneria is an interesting place. The food was decent though not spectacular. We had tapas that were more Italian than Spanish (a Caprese Salad, mini pizzas) and a main course that was definitely Asian (they called it a Wok, I call it a stir fry). But what made the place worth the trip was the atmosphere.

It was a little hipster, a little trendy, and definitely off the wall. There was a wall covered in old liquor bottles, exposed green painted brick, and lots of character. There was a group of Americans discussing their lives as ESL teachers. It was a slice of Modern Madrid, in a city that loves its traditions.

Stop #2, definitely a success. We even found a cool taberna to visit the next time we are in the area! 2 down, 179 to go. Dan

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