Testing…testing…1 2 3

Well… we made it.  Two humans, three dogs, three modes of transportation, four countries and three languages.  To say that it was easy would be a lie, but it wasn’t that hard either.  We consistently focused on the task at hand and found ourselves here… in our little apartment in Madrid.  We have been here a week and still look at each other on occasion and say “We actually did this.  We moved our three dogs to Spain.”

We are the Clarks, Dan and Nancy.  We moved to Madrid in January 2018 for Dan’s career as a college professor.  We don’t speak Spanish (yet), but are determined to have the adventure of a lifetime.  There are thirty countries that we are eager to travel to, as well as getting to know our new city.  These dogs are our babies and whether they like it or not, they are going to see Europe too!

Meet our pups…

Murray:  Our pouty Boglen with a sensitive heart, insatiable appetite and the ability to sleep anywhere.


Ruby:  Our princess and survivor.  The Alpha only because the other two don’t care to be, she takes her place in the pack with serious pride.  She found exactly where she belongs with us.  Just look at those gorgeous teeth!


Jezza:  Our slobbery Golden Retriever who is always up for some fetch and keep away.  His sunny disposition proves that you really can have the best day of your life everyday 🙂


And us…  Dan and Nancy.  The proud parents and the creators of the wanderlust.  I was told my entire life that I was allergic to the word “no” and now I live a life that proves that to be true.  Anything is possible…




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